Downloadable and Searchable Genesis Code Snippets

It has been a little over 8 months since I stepped into the wonderful world of Genesis. The websites that I create now are leaner and visually better. During this period I have stored and constantly refer to a lot of code snippets, primarily from StudioPress website into nvALT.

I have now organized my code snippets collection by moving them from nvALT into a single TiddlyWiki HTML page and am sharing them with everyone here:

List of Tags can be seen at More > Tools. Note that clicking “X” at the top right of each tiddler will not delete it but merely closes it – only in your browser. Similarly while other options like adding new tiddlers and Settings seem available to you, they take effect only in your browser and can not modify the one that I am hosting on my public Dropbox folder.

You can download the above html file to your computer so you can refer to the snippets offline and/or add your own frequently used Genesis/WordPress snippets. Just click on the download button, open it in a browser and add/remove “tiddlers” to your liking.

Note: Firefox with the TiddlyFox extension works better than Chrome for editing TiddlyWikis.

You might want to bookmark the link so you can get my latest copy as I will be updating it regularly.


  1. Ciaran says

    You have to be one of the most incredible and constant reliable sources for cutting edge tutorials when it comes to Genesis Sridhar. This is really a kind hearted gesture to share your knowledge base.

  2. Helen says

    Many thanks for sharing such valuable snippets in an easy to search manner – your website is one I turn to with increasing frequency.

  3. Jordan says

    This is a great resource, thank you. So, how do you download the html file as you suggested? I did not see a download button.

  4. says

    Thank you Sridhar. You are helping me learn to build better WordPress sites and especially in Genesis. I am grateful for your generosity. I look forward to receiving your emails every day and learn more!

  5. says

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge base. It is very helpful, and you come up with some great ideas!

    You have become one of the leading Genesis/WordPress resources out there now.

    Thank you for what you do!

  6. Robin Williams says


    You are truly the best! Your site is my Genesis reference bible. I often find myself thinking….’does Sridhar ever sleep?’

    Thanks for sharing your invaluable talent, knowledge and dedication.

    Kind Regards

  7. says

    “You have to be one of the most incredible and constant reliable sources for cutting edge tutorials when it comes to Genesis Sridhar. This is really a kind hearted gesture to share your knowledge base.”

    – definitely agree!

  8. says

    so, if i download these snippets does it update with your new ones locally too, or do I just use your dropbox version for that?

  9. says

    Hey Sri, Thanks for sharing resource. Can you please help me out on this.

    I am trying to embed a html page in my wordpress blog post. Using the snippet below. Everything is working fine except the alignment. When i use the under mention snippet the resulting window (thats what should appear when codes execute) is not confined to the content area. It super-imposes itself other other areas usually partially over content area and partially over widget area.

    As you can see in screenshot below the result is not in usual place because it should have come between title and post navigation.

    I am trying to embed this page

    body { margin:0; padding:0; }
    iframe { position: absolute; height: 100%; width: 100%; }

    This screen shot is of twenty fourteen, but its no different on magazine pro. Used this theme since people recognise it easily.


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