How to display a custom Primary sidebar for Posts in Genesis


By default widgets placed inside ‘Primary Sidebar’ widget area (sidebar) will appear on all pages that are set to display the Primary Sidebar location in Genesis. In this tutorial I share the code to display a register and display a custom ‘Primary Sidebar (Blog)’ widget area in the Primary Sidebar location for single and archive… Continue Reading »

How to display an Image (if present) above the content on static Pages using ACF Image Field


After my earlier How to display Featured image before entry content on Posts and Pages in Genesis tutorial, a user asked, I would like to place (different) images above the page title (pages only) but not the featured image, as the 2 will have vastly different aspect ratios. Can anyone advise how to do this?… Continue Reading »

How to display Featured image before entry content on Posts and Pages in Genesis


Polly in the GenesisWP Facebook group wanted to know how Featured images attached to Posts and Pages can be shown automatically above the content in Genesis. A static Page: A single Post: Step 1 Add the following at the end of child theme’s functions.php: Step 2 Add the following in child theme’s style.css and modify… Continue Reading »

Custom Full Width Widgetized Page in Genesis using Column Classes, Equal Heights jQuery and RSS Widgets


This is the second of three in my ‘Here’s how I did it on my current website project’ series.. Inputs News page This is not a normal blog page. What we are to do here is pull in RSS feeds from a variety of of sources and display them with the correct brand. These are… Continue Reading »

Displaying the entries of a CPT organized by a Custom Field’s Value


In a project that I am currently working on, there’s a custom field group created in Advanced Custom Fields called “Trend report meta” and it has ‘Report PDF’ and ‘Report Category’ custom fields. This group is set to appear in a Custom Post Type named ‘Trend Report’. ‘Report Category’ is a Select field with these… Continue Reading »

Front Page Template for Full Width Sections in Genesis


The current trend with most website homepages these days is full width sections going from edge to edge of the browser between the header and footer. Bill Erickson has an excellent post on this topic here. In this article I would like to share my custom front-page.php based off of Bill’s code. This template takes… Continue Reading »

Adding the word ‘Menu’ next to the Hamburger icon in Altitude Pro


In the members-only forum, a user asked: I’m using altitude pro, but I suspect this would apply to other themes as well. I’ve looked online and through the tutorials and understand how to replace the dashicon. However, adding the word Menu next to the dashicon is not working well in my tests …I’m trying to… Continue Reading »

Conditionally assigning different menus in Secondary Navigation Menu location in Genesis


In a project that am working on, the requirement is to display different WordPress menus on different pages (views) in the Secondary Nav. Ex.: ‘Shop Menu’ on a specific Shop page, ‘Events Menu’ when on any page generated by Modern Tribe’s The Events Calendar, ‘Blog Menu’ in all other views etc. Screenshots: Front page: Shop… Continue Reading »