Masonry Grid on Category Archives with Title and Excerpt on Hover in Genesis


In this tutorial I share how Masonry, which comes shipped with WordPress can be activated and used on Category archive pages in Genesis. We are going to display the featured images of Posts in the grid and set Post’s title and excerpt to appear when hovering on the images. Desktop: Hover state: Tablet: Mobile: While… Continue Reading »

JetPack Related Posts Customizations


One of the many useful modules of JetPack is Related Posts. In this tutorial I share a few code snippets that I used in one of my recent site build with featured images set to appear via the plugin’s “Use a large and visually striking layout” setting. More here. Change the size of images //… Continue Reading »

Post Categories Shortcode in Genesis with Support for Category Slug Classes


Filed Under: Genesis, Premium Content in Genesis is typically used in the below code to display comma separated category links that the post belongs to. // Customize entry meta in the entry footer // add_filter( 'genesis_post_meta', 'sp_post_meta_filter' ); function sp_post_meta_filter( $post_meta ) { $post_meta = '"FiledGenesis, Premium Content "Tagged:Custom Shortcode, post_categories'; return $post_meta; }… Continue Reading »

Parallax section above Footer on Pages and Posts in Parallax Pro


In the Tutorial Requests forum, a user wrote: Hey Sridhar. Those of us who use Parallax Pro do so because we want that particular site to have parallax sections on the landing page. But this doesn’t account for page types and post types, which do not have an option for parallax sections. Your tutorial, How… Continue Reading »

How to display one sticky Post in Home Bottom section of Enterprise Pro


In the comments section of How to display one Sticky post on homepage in Genesis tutorial, a user asked: I am using the Enterprise Pro theme and would like to show only one sticky post below the widget top area, essentially replacing the widget bottom area. Can you help me? This can be done by… Continue Reading »