Animated Search form in Dynamik


In this article I show how animated Search form in Genesis tutorial can be implemented in Dynamik. Step 1 Create a file named say, global.js having the following code and upload it to wp-content/uploads/dynamik-gen/theme directory. To view the full content, please sign up for the membership. Already a member? Log in below or here…. Continue Reading »

Full Screen Scrolling Sections in Genesis using PagePiling.js


PagePiling.js is a jQuery script for easily creating fullscreen sections that scroll one at a time for effective and engaging story telling. In this tutorial I provide details of implementing PagePiling on the front page of a Genesis site having 4 widget areas. We are going to set image backgrounds for first and third sections… Continue Reading »

How to edit Altitude Pro’s style.css to fix the background images’ loading problem

If you have used a full width slider or background video in/for the front page 1 section of Altitude Pro you might have noticed the the backgrounds for other image sections either load incorrectly or partially in Google Chrome. The main reason for this buggy behavior seems to be a combination of z-index and relative… Continue Reading »

How to replace Front Page 1 image section with a Soliloquy slider in Altitude Pro


In this tutorial I show how a full width responsive Soliloquy (commercial plugin) slider can be set up in Altitude Pro below the header. Install and activate Soliloquy. Create a slider and upload/select your images. In this example I have used images that are 1600 x 1050. In Config tab, set ‘Full Width’ for ‘Slider… Continue Reading »

Using mobble to set up collapsible horizontal opt-in form on mobiles in Genesis

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 11.56.29 am

In the members-only Tutorial Requests forum a user asked, Question – I’m implementing a horizontal opt-in on my new site but I’d like for it to be collapsible ONLY on mobile (primarily phones – kind of like mobile menus) since it takes up a lot of room when not collapsible and viewed on mobile. How… Continue Reading »

Hero section in Dynamik with Title overlay on Featured image in Pages and Posts


In the members-only support forum, a user wanted to know how the title can be displayed on top of featured image below the header in Dynamik like this: In this tutorial I show how Featured image (if present) for singular entries can be set as background for a hero section with the entry title… Continue Reading »

Sample CSS for styling Google Custom Search Engine Results page in Genesis


If you have switched the search functionality in your Genesis site from the default WordPress to Google’s and wanted to style the results so they don’t look boring (or ‘ugly’ depending on how design-sensitive you are), add the following in your child theme’s style.css and make the necessary adjustments to match your site’s colors. After… Continue Reading »

How to display full content for the first post in Genesis


In the ‘Content Archives’ section of Genesis Theme Settings we can specify whether the full content or content limited to a certain number of characters or excerpts should be displayed in content archives (Posts page, category archives, tag archives, search results etc.). When this is set to content limit or excerpts, if you would like… Continue Reading »

Video background section in Dynamik


In the comments section of How to replace Home Section 1’s Parallax Image Background with Video Background using BigVideo.js, Andrew writes, Hi Sridhar , I’ve managed to adapt this tutorial to work with Dynamik for Genesis , I changed the enque’s code , created directories in Dynamik Uploads folder for the JS and Video files… Continue Reading »