Custom Posts display with wide Featured images for the latest 3 Posts and thumbnails for the rest in Genesis


Design Requirements: Scope: Site’s front page showing the list of blog Posts. Settings set at Genesis > Theme Settings > Content Archives should not affect the display. In other words, blog Posts on front page should be independent of the theme’s content settings. Excerpts to be¬†shown with custom Read more text. 6 Posts to be… Continue Reading

Applying Backstretch to multiple Featured images in Genesis


In this article I share how Featured images (if present) linking to corresponding single pages can be displayed above Posts on listing pages in Genesis. Thanks to Luke for the idea that Backstretch’s source can be pulled from data attribute on the webpage. The purpose of this tutorial is only to show how Backstretch can… Continue Reading

How to format CSS per WordPress coding standards using CSScomb in Sublime Text


Want to format your CSS with the click of a button so it is properly formatted per WordPress’s coding standards? Gary Jones has put together a configuration file for this about which he writes: Current WP CSS coding standards for property ordering are outlined at . These are too generic, so using an automated… Continue Reading

How to use Genesis Grid Loop plugin on a specific Category and show Excerpts


Amanda asks, I’m wanting to use the Genesis Grid Loop plugin only for specific category pages. Also, I need those pages to be in excerpt style, showing only about 250 words before a ‘read more’ button. How would I go about doing this? Are there any tutorials floating around somewhere? I’m comfortable with php if… Continue Reading

How to reveal Featured Images when hovering on Posts in Whitespace Pro


Paul asks, Anyone figure out how to show featured images (even if partially transparent) on hover for the #genesiswp Whitespace them? — Paul Letourneau (@PaulLetourneau) December 5, 2014 In this article I share the code to display Featured images on hover for Posts on homepage of Whitespace Pro. Screenshot: Screencast: Step 1 Register a custom… Continue Reading

Horizontal Opt-in Form in Genesis using eNews Extended plugin


In one of my past tutorials titled Adding a horizontal opt-in form in Genesis, I showed how Genesis eNews Extended can be used and styled to display an opt-in form horizontally. In this article I share how the same can be done to get a much sleeker and narrower look. Screenshots: Desktop: Tablet: Mobile: Ready?… Continue Reading

CSS Injection and Auto Refresh using BrowserSync

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 1.10.46 pm

In this article I share how I use BrowserSync to see changes in WordPress websites (on localhost) instantly in the browser without having to manually refresh the browser. I use DesktopServer for managing websites on my computer. For example, I have WordPress installs at several URLs like, BrowserSync can be installed after installing… Continue Reading