Custom Single Key Shortcuts in Firefox using KeyConfig

Keyconfig is a fantastic add-on for Firefox that lets you set custom keyboard shortcuts for every possible action/task in Firefox incl. launching bookmarklets.

In this article I share how I set single key shortcuts like

‘z’ for going back
‘x’ for going forward
‘a’ to switch to left tab
‘s’ to switch to right tab
‘t’ to open a new tab
‘c’ for closing the current tab
‘r’ to refresh
‘i’ to start inspecting webpage elements with Firebug
‘u’ to copy URL of the current tab
‘l’ to focus address bar
‘d’ to bookmark in Delicious
‘v’ to view source
‘p’ to open Page Info window

With these and a few other add-ons like Search Keys I fly in Firefox with keyboard, not point and click.

Most of these shortcuts were what Opera used to come with (I guess, it still does – but then do you know anyone that still use Opera?). This is an updated version of the post I wrote in August 2010.

Step 1

Download and install Keyconfig from here (xpi file).

Step 2

Download ‘Functions for Keyconfig’ add-on from here and install it by going to Add-ons Manager > Install Add-on From File…

Step 3

Go to Tools > Keyconfig…

Click ‘Add a new key’ button. Give a label, paste the code (refer to the table below) and press OK.

Screenshot 2014-09-30 11.25.32

Select the entry you just added, click inside the shortcut field and Apply.


Keyboard Shortcut
New TabtBrowserOpenTab();
Close TabcBrowserCloseTabOrWindow()
Switch to Previous Tabaf4kc_PrevTab();
Switch to Next Tabsf4kc_NextTab();
Go BackzBrowserHandleBackspace();
Go ForwardxBrowserForward();
Copy URLuf4kc_CopyCurrentURI();
Inspect using FirebugiFirebug.browserOverlay.startFirebug(function(){if (!Firebug.currentContext) Firebug.toggleBar(true); Firebug.Inspector.toggleInspecting(Firebug.currentContext);})
View SourcevBrowserViewSourceOfDocument(content.document);
Reloadrif (event.shiftKey) BrowserReloadSkipCache(); else BrowserReload()
Add to DeliciousdClick here for the code
Add-ons (Extensions) windoweLocal_Install.openManager('extensions', false);
Focus Address (Location) barlopenLocation();
Page Info Windowpf4kc_PageInfo();

Note: If you find that ‘Add a new key’ is not appearing, just click on any of the already existing entries in the Keyconfig window.