Testimonials Carousel in WordPress using Testimonials by WooThemes, Display Posts Shortcode and Slick jQuery


In this article I show how ‘testimonial’ CPT entries made available by Testimonials by WooThemes plugin can be output using Bill Erickson’s Display Posts Shortcode plugin and displayed as a responsive carousel using Slick jQuery script. The reason for not using Testimonials plugin’s built-in shortcode is because it did not seem possible with the generated… Continue Reading

How to display Posts in 5 columns when using Genesis Sandbox Featured Content Widget Plugin


Jon asks, Using the Genesis Sandbox Featured Content Plugin, I’m trying to help create a 5-across product display In this article I show how we can register a custom ‘Below Header’ widget area, hook it to genesis_after_header to display it below the header on front page, drag a Genesis Sandbox Featured Content Widget Plugin’s widget… Continue Reading

How to move an image from bottom to top when scrolling down in Genesis


In a recent project that I completed, keyot.com, the requirement was to move an image of a rocket as the user scrolled down the homepage. This is how I did it using Stellar.js. Step 1 Uploaded jquery.stellar.min.js to child theme’s js directory. Created a file named home-non-mobiles.js in the same location and initialized Stellar like… Continue Reading

Sample Widgetized Front Page with Full Width Sections in Genesis


In this article I provide a working example of how Bill Erickson’s code can be used as a foundation for creating a typical front page in WordPress using Genesis. Our front page is going to be made up of these sections: Header (sitewide) – site title/logo at left and custom menu in ‘Header Right’ widget… Continue Reading

Replacing Genesis – Featured Posts widget output with custom code

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 1.00.33 pm

In a customization task that I am working on currently, the client wants the following changed/added w.r.t Genesis – Featured Posts widget: 1 Post is to be shown from either of two specific categories. Instead of a static (widget) title, category name should appear. Different font-family should be applied to the title depending on which… Continue Reading

How to add links to previous and next entries that slide open to reveal titles in Genesis


In this article I share how get_adjacent_post() can be used to display links to previous and next entries on single Post pages and single entries of a particular ‘movies’ CPT in Genesis. Summary: a) The navigation links are going to remain fixed and always visible. b) jQuery is used to calculate the number of pixels… Continue Reading