How to force Excerpts on Author Archive pages in Genesis

Mark asked,

How do you make the author archive more organized? Out-of-the-box, it displays all of the author’s posts in their entirety instead of a brief snippet and a ‘read more’ tab.

It is possible to display Post excerpts in all archive pages including author pages by selecting the same in Genesis > Theme Settings > Content Archives.

If you would like to display excerpts in Author archive pages regardless of Content Archives settings, add the following in functions.php:





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  1. says

    From the genesis settings page, if you choose to display content excerpts, all archives pages including author archive page will display excerpts. However your snippet is great for those who decided to display content limit on all archives page but then want to overwrite the setting for author archive page only.

  2. says

    HEllo Sridhar,
    Got to know your site through google search. Very good work. your posts helps a lot for a new blogger like me. I have a question or a doubt. Its regarding archive page., I created an archive page called reciped index. But it is posting every detail in that like “by month”, “by categories”,”by recnt posts”,”by author”. if i just want to post by categories and their listing. Do you have any idea how to do that? or you have any post already on that which i missed.
    Thank you :)

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